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S.L. San Francisco

Charlie has been Kiwi's walker for almost a year now ever since we moved from NY to San Francisco. Kiwi had a hard time adjusting to the move and also going on walks with someone she didn't know and Charlie was very patient throughout the whole process and provided recommendations to us about how we can make sure Kiwi is comfortable when he comes to pick her up.

Kiwi now loves going on her walks and is so excited when she knows Charlie is coming to pick her up for her hikes. Charlie seems to really care about each and every one of the dogs and spends a lot of time getting to know their habits and personalities. We have a very hard time trusting Kiwi to other people, but we really trust Charlie. I am always asking him questions about Kiwi and he is always super patient and is always willing to provide recommendations to us.

Would highly recommend Charlie to anyone that is looking to trust their furry baby with someone.

Shail P. San Francisco

Charlie has been our dog walker for almost a year. Our dog has been with him since she was 16 weeks old, and we couldn't imagine life without him.

At first we were nervous letting someone take our dog everyday without our supervision, but in retrospect we had nothing to worry about. Charlie always has a close eye out on the dogs, often texting us if he notices something off. You can tell that he loves the dogs he walks as well if you take one look at his instagram account.

You couldn't find a better dog walker than Charlie!

Hannah S. San Francisco

4 years later and Charlie is STILL the best! He is Indie's third favorite human for sure! He even has an Instagram account so I get to see the dogs having fun while I'm at work.

Tessa S. San Francisco

Charlie is awesome! We've been sending our Frenchie Daisy with him 5 days a week for over 8 months and we haven't had any issues - he's that reliable!

She gets great exercise, is very well socialized with other dogs in the pack and we always feel assured she's in great hands with Charlie. He even let us know one day that her crate seemed to be getting too much sun, and took the time to rearrange it at drop of so that she was comfortable until we got home.

Also expect some really cute photos of your pup on his Instagram! He got one printed for us on a coffee mug for Christmas.

Michelle San Francisco

Charlie has been the walker for my dog, Jarvis, for several months now, and he's GREAT. He's clearly a deeply knowledgeable and observant carer of dogs and even takes time to give me a heads up if he notices anything out of the ordinary with Jarvis. His interactions with Jarvis are also hilarious--he's just the right amount of firm but affectionate--and it's fun to see how excited Jarv gets to go out with him. So glad we are part of Charlie's pack!

Jeff H. San Francisco

I couldn't recommend Charlie, Andromeda, and Downtown Dog SF more highly.  We got their name from a former neighbor who was also thrilled with their service.  They've been taking our labradoodle since she was just a few months old.  Before anything, Charlie came over to meet Millie and judge her temperament and fit for the group.  You could immediately see his care and conscientiousness for her - even though it was his first time meeting our dog.

The big group walks were a huge improvement over the private walks our dog was going on before she had all her shots.  On average, she's gone from roughly 1:30 - 4 p.m. or so.  Charlie has a key to our apartment, and was known by building management.  They were very happy to hear we'd chosen Downtown Dog SF, as they knew how trustworthy he is.

Charlie also boards our dog when we're out of town.  It's extremely convenient - he just brings her home after her walk and drops her back off on the day we return.  His dog and ours get along really well, so she always has a friend as well.  Once while boarding, our dog got sick to her stomach and while it had to be a really unpleasant situation, Charlie cleaned her up, took her to her normal vet, kept us updated, and supplied her with bland food so she could start to feel better.

In any capacity, Charlie and Andromeda very obviously care about the dogs under their care and do a great job tiring her out and making sure she's exercised and happy.  They even run an instagram feed to owners can see all the fun their dogs have throughout the week. Check it out:…

We highly, highly recommend!

J.S. San Francisco

Downtown Dog (Charlie and Andromeda) are the absolute BEST at what they do, and I owe them so much gratitude for giving my dog Lulu the best life.

When we moved Lulu to SF from Canada over a year ago, Lulu was a complete terror (causing me to apologize profusely for her behavior). She'd been traumatized as a pup and we had been attacked by another dog, making her extremely defensive. Plus, she had never been properly socialized. Lu did not make friends in Canada and we were practically kicked out of the dog park in Montreal.

After walking with Charlie for only a month, her temperament improved significantly. And as a result, so did my anxiety (they say that when a dog is anxious and acting out, it is usually a reflection of the owner's emotional state. Agreed!) I could have never imagined that only a few short months after her move, Lu would be walking with a pack, in California with a smile on her face (she actually smiles when she sees Charlie and Andromeda).

As a new dog owner myself, Charlie was such a fantastic resource and extremely patient with me - he answered all my questions (there were many!) and also recommended that Lulu go on a raw diet. At almost 11 years old, most people think Lulu is a puppy and she has more energy and stamina than ever before - she can beat me up the hill in our neighborhood and walks for 4-5 hours a day. She's never tired and always begging for more walks.

Lu now waits for Andromeda by the door two hours before her pick up (including on the weekends when I have to tell her she's stuck with me!) She is so excited to see her new best friend and her Pacific Heights pack. Andromeda always makes sure Lu's paws are cleaned after her walk and puts the blankets on the white couch if I've forgotten to do so. (note: white couch and white dog = bad idea.)

When I have to travel for business, I know Lulu is going to have a blast at "sleep-away camp" and unlike past boarding situations, Lu comes back even happier than when I left her. Charlie and Andromeda keep me updated on how Lu is doing so I'm at ease (I especially appreciate the pics and videos they send).

Downtown Dog gives each dog special attention - Charlie and Andromeda treat our dogs the way we would treat them.They put GPS on the dogs - safety is their number one priority. They are extremely reliable (rain or shine), considerate and always go the extra mile for our fur babies. And, I love the Instagram account they have and the adorable pics they post! It gives me a peek into the fabulous lives these dogs have while I sit at a desk and stare at a computer screen all day. As I said earlier, Lulu has a fantastic life with Downtown Dog.

Downtown Dog is the BEST for dog walking, dog boarding and everything else related to dogs. I can't thank Charlie and Andromeda enough for everything they do for Lulu and the pack. They've changed her life and made my life a whole lot better, too 🙂 I'd give them 10+ stars if Yelp allowed me to 🙂 THANK YOU!

Leo K. San Francisco

Our golden retriever mix has been with Downtown Dog for over a year and we couldn't be happier with the experience!  Charlie goes above and beyond to make sure our dog is comfortable on the walks, and he's even flexible with pick-up times to make sure he isn't home alone for too long.

With Charlie's training and patience, our dog has gone from being just barely dog-tolerant to being one of the most popular dogs in his class. We were really blown away by the progress he's made with Charlie's help, especially compared to what other dog trainers have tried in the past.

Overall, Downtown Dog is the perfect mix of professionalism and down-to-earth, friendly service.  Two thumbs way up!

Mitchell B. San Francisco

Charlie is the real deal. He's super knowledgeable about canine behavior and packs AND he genuinely loves the dogs. He takes great care to make sure the dogs are safe, including outfitting every one in his pack with a GPS collar during the walk. He worked with Milo, my dog, to build the trust and respect before he let him off leash with the pack - safety being a top priority. The dogs know without a doubt who is the alpha of that pack - Charlie.

His knowledge and love of working with dogs is unmistakable when you see him interact with them. In return, Milo LOVES Charlie. It's so great to see these two when they first see each other when Charlie picks him up. So much love there. Both ways. I know Milo is in great hands whenever he walks or boards with Downtown Dog SF.

As a business person, Charlie is honest, straightforward, fair and most importantly, reliable. He shows up to get Milo on time, every time, every day, rain or shine, just as he promised when I signed up with him over a year ago.

It's a relief to know my little boy is in great hands every day while I'm out working to bring home the bacon.

H.S. San Francisco

Charlie is amazing!  Charlie began walking after our puggle, Coop when he was just a pup and from day one to present day Downtown Dog has provided the reliability, love and honesty  that you want and need from a caregiver to your fur baby.

Charlie is also super knowledgeable about dogs in general, shares photos on Instagram and there is no mistaking how happy Coop is to see Charlie when he comes to pick him up.

We are SO lucky to have Charlie and Downtown Dog.

Sheena D. San Francisco

We started using Charlie when our dog was only a few months old and feel so blessed to have found him as soon as we did! He worked with us to figure out the best routine for the pup and 2 years later we've never looked back.

Charlie is professional and very dedicated to his work. He really takes care of the dogs and the dogs love him. We've recommended him to everyone who asks, and they all only have great things to say about him. Our dog gets all of his energy out on the walks and I think secretly hopes Charlie will take him home with him for good one of these days!

Susanna S. San Francisco

Charlie is remarkable. To start with he is responsible, conscientious and thoroughly dedicated, all excellent qualities for any kind of work.

However being an extraordinary dog walker, such as Charlie, entails a lot more than that.

First of all Charlie loves dogs.

Secondly he 'speaks' their language, meaning he understands them, and they respond to him. He's a magnet. It's amazing to watch.

In addition he teaches them basic good behavior. For example to come when they are called, to get along with the other dogs and to be obedient (These are only a few examples).

He is attentive to particular situations and spends time working on them. A dog rushes up to person barking, Charlie is able to calm the dog and gradually break him of the habit.

Not only does Charlie love the dogs, but the dogs love him.

Could you ask for a better dog walker?

Duff H. San Francisco

Charlie and Andromeda are simply the best. They've been walking our two dogs (golden retriever and mini-poodle) during weekdays for the past 18 months and we've had no complaints. Rain or shine, they've picked up our dogs everyday for their walk - unbelievable consistency now that I think of it. They care for our dogs like they were their own and recently they started using Instagram to share photos of the pack in action. Great people, great dog walkers.

Stephanie G. San Francisco

Charlie is very trustworthy and such a good caretaker for our dog. I feel very safe leaving my baby girl with Charlie at any time and she's so happy when she's with him. He treats her like she's his own. He treats all his dogs that way! So lucky to have found him.

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