Downtown Dog's philosophy is to be not only a dog walker but a leader, a pack leader.

Why is this important? First and foremost: safety. The dogs are much more responsive to their walker if they see him/her as their leader. This makes it possible to keep your dog(s) safe and out of trouble.

Too many times do I see dog walkers show up at the park/beach and dogs come jumping out of the vehicle into busy parking lots. Complete chaos and very unsafe. This chaos only continues on the walk and it becomes apparent that the walker has little to no control over the dogs. Not only is this unsafe for the dogs but it is a nuisance to the public.

If you ever see me unloading my dogs, you will see a completely different picture. When the back door of my vehicle is opened, the dogs are waiting and will be called one at a time to get out. I continue to walk the dogs on leash from my vehicle to the off leash area. Once the dogs are sitting they are let off leash and the fun begins.

Safety is Downtown Dog's number one priority. Because I know if I were to entrust someone with my dog, the most important thing would be that my dog came home in the same condition as they left. Downtown Dog has done everything to reduce the risks that come with off leash dog walking.

Downtown Dog is the only dog walking company that puts individual GPS trackers on each dog. I see other dog walking companies that advertise that their walks are GPS tracked. However, this means that they are tracking the walk through their phone's GPS. I guess if you don't trust your dog walker, and want to see when/where the dog walker is walking in real time that might useful. But then again why would you send your dog with a walker you don't trust? Also, what happens if the dog takes off and is lost? I see other dog walkers lose dogs all the time.

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